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(2012)Victor Lee

A 30 years experienced IT veteran in Hong Kong! Interested in system software development and hacking, also an expert in micro-controller programming. Recently added interest to vintage electronics making tube FM radios, Nixie and VFD clocks!

MT-System MCU boards, MT Servo Controllers, Learning Robot Kits

VFD Clock

Nixie Clock

FM tube radio

(2012)Robert Lam : UncleBob

Knight Templar 2 to be featured in 2013 HK Makerfaire
WAHOO the smartphone control robot featured in 2012 HK Makerfaire
Knight Templar 1 KungFu Robot
Robert Lam aka Unclebob is the original founding member of Unclebob Robotech. He has built larger size robots to perform KungFu and martial art competition in Korea.