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(2012)Parker1 Mobile Robot

Parker1 is a low-cost WiFi / 4G mobile robot with vision ability. It runs with two popular open source software, Arduino compatible code for easy robot programming, and OpenWrt router OS for a variety of connectivity over WiFi, 4G etc.

Let the users get playing on Parker1 just with a browser device on hand. Parker1 is preloaded with a basic, in full-function codes. And the source codes would be open on internet, hopefully turns into a community-based support system.

Parker1 will have demo in Hong Kong Mini Maker Faire. You can get a play with Parker1. Join and get great funs there!

For more information about Parker1, please visit http://www.pgtechworks.com/parker1/

(2012)Andy Kong : Fun to make stuff

Fun to make stuff

Robotics is an integration of different technologies. My first robot was built in 1998. It was for my second year project in UBC – fire fighting robot. Then, I started building robots for fighting (Botbash.com, Arizona), maze robot (Seattle Robotics), automation, bipedal robots (Japan)… My full-time job is R&D for different companies. From Laser Ethernet, wireless stuff, smart antenna, FPGA, parallel processing, imaging processing to Big LED screen and smog detection system. Now, I’m into 3D drawing and make it into real objects. Here is my website, www.andykong.com. My email is andykong51@gmail.com. Let me know if you are into robots, 3D or paper crafts. I may be crazy but my dream is to build a really big robot. Anyway, some time, crazy people are the ones who actually change the world. haha


If you like to make a Gundam Robot Head, please follow these 4 steps.

1. Download this pdo file. http://www.tamasoft.co.jp/pepakura-en/gallery/gallerydetails.php?id=1281

2. Download and install Pepakura software (Free). http://www.tamasoft.co.jp/pepakura-en/download/viewer.html

3. Print it in your printer (I use A3 printer, I guess you can print it in A4 and stick them together.)

4. Cut the pieces out and use the Pepakura software as a guide of how to glue the pieces together.

You can use any paper, I prefer 250 gram paper. You can make it in a day.

If you encounter any problem, please email me with clear description and pictures. And if you make the mask, please take a picture and email me at andy@hkmakerfaire.com, Cheers.

Robot Club in UBC 1999

Robot Club in UBC 1999

Internet control 6 legged robot in 2000

Internet control 6 legged robot in 2000

Botbash 1999 In Arizona


Botbash 1999 In Arizona

Teaching in St. Georges High School


Designing my first Gundam head in 3D software

One of the big LED screens behind me

Designing another LED screen. Beta version in progress.
Andy_bel Andy_work

My work space at home


Lots of VHDL coding

One of a Gundam shield I designed and made.

Bill Clinton mask. (I think he doesn’t mind… :P)

My 2 meter tall papercraft Gundam (2013 March)




(2012)BloodKeith : When The day you want tobe.


What is Robotics? I always ask by myself. Is it a slave? Is it science? Is it engineering? Is it programming? Is it product? Is it design?
Many questions, Many answers. Each guy have different answer, it is because people have different means of values.
If one day you want to be a maker, you will find that the world is changing around you.
When I learn robotics before, I think that world is boring. No reson, No conclusion. After that, robotics tell me the truth, the reasons and the results.
I love design, I try to start robotics from design. Even though, I just know a little about electronics & programming, I would like to tell you that, “ If you want to be a Maker, just keep learning and walking, you will find you way around!”.

blog – http://bloodkeith.wordpress.com/
facebook – http://www.facebook.com/#!/BloodKeith
youtube – http://www.youtube.com/user/avkeith924

TK04 run on the road
TK03 Robot hand

(2012)Maker: Mike LI

I have been working in I.T. industry for many years. In 2005, when I think robot will become future technologies, I start playing robot. Initially, I played Lego Mindstorm, it is a educational kits for robot development. Later, I found it is quite difficult to extend the functions of the Lego RCX. I started to study microcontroller with BASIC Stamp. Programming in BASIC Stamp is BAISC, it is easy to catch up. But it is quite expensive. Then I moved to Atmel AVR, it needs advance programming skill in C with WinAVR and gcc-avr complier. Now I am building robot with Arduino, which have same functions as that in AVR but have huge resources in robotic development. The programming in Arduino is also very easy to master. As I have gained much knowledge from opensource communities, I think sharing is very important in promoting the robotic technologies. I setup some website to share what I have done.





1. M-Block@2006 – I designed the PCB and modules. The main purpose of the module is to extend functions for Lego Mindstorm. All modules can be stacked together and communicate via I2C protocols. The idea is similar to Arduino.

2. M-Proxy@2010 – combine Arduino and mobile phone (Nokia N82) as a robotic platform. It is similar to http://www.cellbots.com

3. Arduino Universal decoder@2010 – to capture and decode different kind of signals (e.g. IR, RF in RC cars), then use a Arduino as proxy to resend the signals again.

4. DIY Packbot@2011 – this is the robot I will show in Maker Faire



When I post the details of the robot to web, many people asked me how to make the tracks for climbing stairs. I used tracks from hobby tank model, carpet and CAT5 cable.

I will show how to make the robot by buying materials from china taobo website, local hardware store and tools you need.

In Hong Kong, personal space is very small and limited; I remember I made this robot in toilet. It is quite hard and needs patience. But the satisfaction is great when you create something by your own efforts.

(2012)Hong Kong Maker Faire logo design competition

Hong Kong Maker Faire logo design competition

Website: http://www.facebook.com/events/238897219548448/

The logo design for Maker Faire is open to the public for submission and the one with the largest number of “like” is the winner.
Please actively post your logo designs in this event. We will then count the numbers of “like” for calculation.
Each facebook user can submit a maximum of 3 designs.
Prize: Robocon Magazine ( http://bloodkeith.files.wordpress.com/2012/01/robocon_01.png )
We will use the winning logo in our official website, T-shirts, leaflets and any other promotional materials.
End date of competition: 17-JUN-2012

Prize Photo:

(2012)RWu’s Robots

Arnold Wu

About Me ->” Amateur still has his robot dreams “ an interview by SCMP 2010.
My Robot Blog -> http://blog.yahoo.com/R-Robots
My facebook -> http://www.facebook.com/robo.trender
Robot is a part of my life! It is technology, it is innovation, it is Dream!

Here’s are somethings I made and want to share at H.K. Maker Fair !!


A little humanoid robot made of pop sticks!

Balancing Robot with simple IR sensors!

A Group of Humanoids! Only show the one which can move! Haha !

Real balancing Scooter call Regway! Still work in progress…..