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Maker Tee

Hong Kong Mini Maker Faire 將於 18-19/Oct-2014 舉辦第三屆了,今屆的 Hong Kong Mini Maker Faire 我們特別設計了第三屆專屬 Tee 恤公開訂購,任何支持 Hong Kong Mini Maker Faire 的朋友也可訂購啊!
在 Tee 恤上,我們特地設計了一個 Maker 手號,手最能夠代表 Maker 了,加上手號更能特顯 Maker 個性。
參觀者或支持者:港幣 $170
已申請攤位、Workshop、及其他相關項目的 Maker:港幣 $150




(2012)BloodKeith : When The day you want tobe.


What is Robotics? I always ask by myself. Is it a slave? Is it science? Is it engineering? Is it programming? Is it product? Is it design?
Many questions, Many answers. Each guy have different answer, it is because people have different means of values.
If one day you want to be a maker, you will find that the world is changing around you.
When I learn robotics before, I think that world is boring. No reson, No conclusion. After that, robotics tell me the truth, the reasons and the results.
I love design, I try to start robotics from design. Even though, I just know a little about electronics & programming, I would like to tell you that, “ If you want to be a Maker, just keep learning and walking, you will find you way around!”.

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TK04 run on the road
TK03 Robot hand

(2012)Hong Kong Maker Faire logo design competition

Hong Kong Maker Faire logo design competition


The logo design for Maker Faire is open to the public for submission and the one with the largest number of “like” is the winner.
Please actively post your logo designs in this event. We will then count the numbers of “like” for calculation.
Each facebook user can submit a maximum of 3 designs.
Prize: Robocon Magazine ( )
We will use the winning logo in our official website, T-shirts, leaflets and any other promotional materials.
End date of competition: 17-JUN-2012

Prize Photo: