Makers 2012


  • Keith Yung – Robot TK05 Gemini & Spider Robot SF01L
    Keith is a DIY robot maker especially in humanoid robots. He designed his own robot kits such as Robot TK05 Gemini & Spider Robot SF01L. He always has enthusiasm to ask any question related to robot development. He is also the distributor for well-know maker’s book and magazine: Make Magazine, Robocon, Make : Projects–Raspberry Pi , Make : Projects–Arduino. Keith is also one of the organizers of 1st Hong Kong Maker Faire.Keith
  • Mike Li – DIY Packbot and M-Proxy
    Mike has been working in I.T. industry for many years. In 2005, when he though robot will become future technologies, He started playing robot. Initially, He played Lego Mindstorm, it is a educational kits for robot development. Later, he found it is quite difficult to extend the functions of the Lego RCX. He started to study microcontroller with BASIC Stamp. Programming in BASIC Stamp is BAISC, it is easy to catch up. But it is quite expensive. Then He moved to Atmel AVR, it needs advance programming skill in C with WinAVR. Currently he builds robots with Arduino, which have same functions as that in AVR but have huge resources in robotic development. The programming in Arduino is also very easy to master. As he has gained much knowledge from open source communities, he thinks sharing is very important in promoting the robotic technologies. He setup some website to share what he has done. Mike is also one of the organizers of 1st Hong Kong Maker Faire.Mike
  • Andy Kong – Making stuff is fun, various robots and 3D stuff
    Andy thinks robotics is an integration of different technologies. And he is still learning them. His first robot was built in 1998. It was for his second year project in UBC – fire fighting robot. Then, he started building robots for fighting (, Arizona), maze robot (Seattle Robotics), automation, bipedal robots (Japan). His full-time job is R&D for different companies. From Laser Ethernet, wireless stuff, smart antenna, FPGA, parallel processing, imaging processing to Big LED screen. Now, he is entering 3D drawing and makes it into real object. Andy is also one of the organizers of 1st Hong Kong Maker Faire.andy
  • Pacess Ho – BeyondZ Company Limited
    BeyondZ Company Limited develop a 3D case converts an iPad screen to a 3D view without wearing glasses. This 3D case converts an iPad screen to a 3D view without wearing glasses.
  • Victor Lee – FM Tube Radio
    Victor has 30 years experienced IT veteran in Hong Kong. He is interested in system software development and hacking, also an expert in micro-controller programming. Recently added interest to vintage electronics making tube FM radios, Nixie and VFD clocks.Victor
  • Arnold Wu – Regway – DIY segway using Arduino Uno
    Arnold is a robot enthusiasm and believes robot is a part of his life and he developed DIY humanoid robots and DIY Segway. He showed his first Segway prototype in the 1st Hong Kong Mini Maker Faire. Currently, He is now able to ship production version.
    Arnold thinks the greatest satisfaction comes more from the process of building the robot rather than the end product. You start with an abstract concept, and then you design and build the circuitry, joints and body parts. After countless trials and errors, and solving one problem after another, you finally succeed. That is a very satisfying experience. Arnold is also one of the organizers of 1st Hong Kong Maker Faire.R
  • Robert Lam –
    Robert Lam aka Unclebob is a robot enthusiast . He has built large size robots to perform KungFu and martial art competition in Korea. Unclebob is working on his latest robot with parts manufactured by a 3D printer. The final version of this robot will participate in the 2013 October International Robot Contest in Korea. Hopefully you will get a glimpse of this robot in the Hong Kong Makerfaire.Robert
    • Brian Ho – Print Robot hand by Makerbot
      Brian is a DIY maker and has knowledge about AVR programming, Matlab and 3D printing projects. Currently, he is focusing in using 3D printers for making various projects. He showed his 3D printed robot hand which can use Arduino to control the motion by putting on the gloves and controlling the finger motion.
  • Peter Wong
    Create robot parts by CNC machine
  • Andy Comic – Robot Freddie and LED Costume
    Andy is a performer. He developed Freddie, the robot was designed to be used as a comedy addition to the Andy Comic magic show. He pops out of the box a few times during the shows and joins in with the routine.
    Freddie was originally design made using the OOPIC pcb (later Arduino). He uses two OOPIC boards to operate. One board is solely used for the mouth and the other for every other function. A DTMF decoder is used to decode tones from an IPOD which tell the OOPIC what to do. The other channel of the IPOD is the audio of the Freddie which is why the sound and actions can be perfectly synced up.andy comics
  • DesignSpark – A fully featured, free of charge PCB Design tool is a gateway to online resources and design support for engineers powered by RS components limited.
    There are lots of free design tools available in DesignSpark’s Spark store, which are very useful for the DIY Makers, including DesignSpark PCB, a fully featured, free of charge PCB Design tool, Thousands of Free 3D models, eTech digital and tablet edition electronics magazine, etc. It demonstrated Raspberry Pi , a single-board computer developed in by the Raspberry Pi Foundation with the intention of stimulating the teaching of basic computer science in schools at our spark
  • Makeblock – the next generation of construction platforms
    Makeblock is the next generation of construction platforms. Smart designed, easy to use, with strong parts mostly made of hardened aluminum enables you to build easily every kind of robots, 3D-printers, artwork or whatever you want. Open to other electronic and mechanic platforms you can attach different kind of Arduino boards, sensors, motors, drivers, industrial standard parts and even Lego. Use Makeblock and turn your idea into success. Makeblock has successfully completed crowd funding from Kickstarter with US$185,576.
  • DimSum Labs – Various projects from Hong Kong’s first hackerspace community
    HackJam is the Hong Kong’s first hackerspace community for hackers, artists, techies and the generally curious who share ideas and collaborate to “hack” things with various projects from: Novel dog leash, LED Ticker, Brain machine, Making kit, Roundbot, 8×8 game of Life, Visual Info Globe, Play dough Mario Borthers, Giant Etch-a-Sketch, etc.
    The makers, hackers will meet weekly on Tuesdays hackerspace DimSumLabs in Sheung Wan.
  • Sam – Parker1 is a WiFi / 4G mobile robot with vision ability
    Sam developed Parker1 which is a low-cost WiFi / 4G mobile robot with vision ability. It runs with two popular open source software, Arduino compatible code for easy robot programming, and OpenWrt router OS for a variety of connectivity over WiFi, 4G etc.
    Parker1 is controlled by just with a browser device on hand. Parker1 is preloaded with a basic, in full-function codes. And the source codes would be open on internet, hopefully turns into a community-based support system.sam
  • Rita Huang – 小娘の手芸屋(komusumeRita’s handicraft)
    小娘(こむすめ)為小丫頭之意.以小丫頭的純真性情 和豐富的想像力為根本,努學習,創新創作,利用身邊垂手可得的素材,以平凡來創造不平凡.本手藝屋專於繩結創作,讓藝術溶入生活.除了藝術性更有實用性. 對於日本傳統手工藝[手毬]更是沉迷不已.讓這手毬由傳統步向新潮的香港!
    temari本由中國的蹴鞠發展而來,於飛鳥時代傳入日本,剛 開始也只是用腳踢,到了平安時代便發展到用手來玩耍,於這個時代temari在貴族女性間還非常風行呢!雖然當時也只不過是用線捲成個球狀罷了!於謙倉時 代的歷史書中亦記載著公家貴族們在正月二日還會參加[てまりの会]的聚會呢!
  • Noritsuna Imamura – Treasure Hunting Robot
    「Treasure Hunting Robot」為工研院的今村謙之先生自行設計製作的機器人尋寶遊戲,曾在2012 Android開發者高峰會、2012嵌入式Linux歐洲年會、2012美國灣區Maker Faire、新加坡及香港Mini Maker Faire等國際場合中公開亮相。
    Noritsuna Imamura(今村謙之)先生目前任職於臺灣工業技術研究院(ITRI),負責Android用測試裝置的開發、Android移植技術支援與諮詢等 Android相關事務,居住於東京時創辦了日本最大的Android社群「Japan Android Group」,同時也是OESF嵌入式自由軟體聯盟的常任理事,以及SIProp開發者社群的創辦人。而這次要介紹的「Treasure Hunting Robot」正是今村先生結合Android、腦波控制器與二足機器人所設計出來的擴增實境遊戲。Noritsuna Imamura
  • William Wong – Inter-hacking Machine with Kinect
    William developed an artwork exploring the relation of user and its avatar inside a typical motion capture scenario with Kinect.
    Since Microsoft releases Kinect for Xbox360, it has been a favored device to be hacked for motion data, however, it is one of very few hardware interface that require us, human, to move our whole body for a single command.
  • Jonathan Buford – MakiBox A6 : The world’s cheapest 3D printer!
    Jonathan developed 3D printer which is the first complete kit offered at a USD $300 price. It was designed from the ground up in Hong Kong and is being manufactured here as well. Aside from the low cost of the kit, the printing materials are also the cheapest on the market since it is using bulk plastic pellets and would handle recycled plastic that has been properly ground up and cleaned.Jon
  • Jadason Technology Ltd – From 3D scanning to 3D Printing..
    Jadason Technology Ltd can provide a concept development solution for hardware configuration, application usage and solution implementation.3d

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