(2012)Noritsuna Imamura -Treasure Hunting Robot

This is an “AR(augmented reality)-Treasure Hunting Game”. You get virtual treasures by controlling real robot & using your brain wave!
-Look at radar window like dragon radar.
–Show the treasure on radar as red star.
–Center is a place in which a robot is present.
—Blue arrow is direction of robot.
-Look at line graph. This is brain wave line graph.
–You control the robot to the treasure point by your brain wave.
–If you feel some feeling, you control the robot by each feelings.
—Exciting -> Turn left
—Normal -> Go toward
—Relax -> Turn right

It is created by combining various products used as SoC which Pandaboard(http://pandaboard.org/).
–ARM-based board(Pandaboard:http://www.pandabord.org/)
–Brain wave sensor(http://www.neurosky.com/)
–2-leg Robot
–see-through display(http://www.brother.com/en/news/2011/airscouter/index.htm)


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