(2012)BloodKeith : When The day you want tobe.


What is Robotics? I always ask by myself. Is it a slave? Is it science? Is it engineering? Is it programming? Is it product? Is it design?
Many questions, Many answers. Each guy have different answer, it is because people have different means of values.
If one day you want to be a maker, you will find that the world is changing around you.
When I learn robotics before, I think that world is boring. No reson, No conclusion. After that, robotics tell me the truth, the reasons and the results.
I love design, I try to start robotics from design. Even though, I just know a little about electronics & programming, I would like to tell you that, “ If you want to be a Maker, just keep learning and walking, you will find you way around!”.

blog – http://bloodkeith.wordpress.com/
facebook – http://www.facebook.com/#!/BloodKeith
youtube – http://www.youtube.com/user/avkeith924

TK04 run on the road
TK03 Robot hand

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